Accurate forecasting for sales

Imagine that your sales team’s motivation falls, prospecting does not work well, and the management expects to achieve the set goals. Sounds familiar?

Please read the story of change about our client who needed a more reliable forecast and better insights into sales results.

Business goal

Due to the industry’s vast dynamics and the potential to acquire new customers, the client’s strategy assumed further expansion and development. That is why our client decided to look for solutions that would use the potential of the collected data to support sales teams and superiors in introducing new quality to their daily work.


A holistic view of the sales process in the spirit of the Soft Systems Thinking methodology gave us the impulse to propose expected solutions. In that way, we unleashed employees’ creativity while analyzing gaps in existing sales data and applications and projecting changes.


Powered by AI technology and Machine Learning techniques, we automated sales data collection (incl. fixing mistakes made by users) and delivered the Customer Data Platform to compare global, local, and corporate prices in real-time.


The advanced solution monitors the sales process quality on an ongoing basis and facilitates bottom-up forecasting. In addition, the Power BI dashboards ensure perfect visualization of the sales results and performance indicators.

How did we overcome obstacles

Our client knew that focusing on innovation would bring measurable financial benefits. However, the challenge was to convince the sales team that the change was positive – technology would make their work easier and open the potential currently unavailable. That is why we:

Divided project into separate three stages: Analysis and concept, MVP, and continuous improvement.
Involved the client’s team on every project stage to find ambassadors of the change.
Conducted development workshops aimed at remodelling the sales process.

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