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fAInancial data-science services

We increase revenue and optimize costs using AI analytics and Big Data

Our mission is to grow your revenues and profits above the industry average and gain the fAInancial data champion position.

We help you make the right business decisions driven by AI analytics and Big Data solutions.


Our approach to your transformation

We help clients quickly launch AI initiatives using various techniques like machine learning, data science, and simulations.

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Think BIG

Think out of the box, define ambitious business goals and identify gaps in opportunities



Prototype to show you tangible benefits, conduct testing to redefine and adjust your business vision



Continue to create a digital and human ecosystem to create an AI strategy for decision-driven data analytics.

We deliver value from day one. Our approach helps organizations excel by developing long-lasting technology capabilities.

Maciej Zajączkowski CEO / FOUNDER Linkedin

Our mission

We unlock companies’ potential through science and innovative technology.

Improve your fAInancial results

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