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Today, customers have high expectations. They expect companies to meet them. Those fuels organizations that are racing to win over their customers. Please, read the story of change about our client from the construction sector who used AR and VR technologies for buildings design and effectively speeded up the process.

Business goal

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) transform the construction and architecture industries. Our client decided to use both technologies to let designers experience their visions using 3D models. In addition, he wanted to optimize the designing process and create new opportunities by advancement.



By implementing AR, we combined a digital model with physical space. It allowed architects to visualize their ideas through a 3D model even before they were built. That allowed them to simulate construction, make digital drawings on the actual construction site and solve problems or introduce changes faster (e.g. complex work related to the roof structure).


We used VR technology to create a communication tool for architects and end customers. Remote teams of architects, engineers, and contractors could organize virtual meetings and ‘walk’ around the buildings, exchanging comments and arranging necessary changes. While the end customers, due to the VR solution, improve the overall experience and satisfaction.

How did we overcome obstacles?

Although VR and AR technologies have been known on the market for a long time, their business popularity is not obvious. Therefore, it was a significant change for our client’s organization. This is how we make the project a big success:

the project was conducted using the Design Thinking method
all employees who were important to the project engaged in the process from the very beginning

What we are most happy about is that my architects, who were sceptical about the idea of VR and AR, now cannot imagine going back to traditional methods. The methodology and solution implemented by MAZAJ turned out to be a bull’s eye.

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