About us

We make a difference that helps organizations reach a higher development level.

From top management to frontline employees, we partner with our customers to digitize and transform their organizations by developing long-lasting capabilities.

We turn ambitious goals into reality.


Our mission

To unlock companies’ potential through science and innovative technology.

Our vision

To make a positive difference as well as a real impact on the organization and the people.


Today, shared values are more relevant than ever. They define us, build our culture, guide our business decisions and relations.

Customer development

  • Improve the customers’ ability for continuous improvement
  • Introduce innovations supported by science and practice
  • Build long, stable, and trusting relationships


  • Keep the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Think big about the holistic impact
  • Manage customer and company resources effectively

Maintain an excellent environment

  • Support mutual development through feedback and mentoring
  • Respect different perspectives with interest and regard
  • Pursue high level of commitment and engagement

We believe in people and principles.

MAZAJ actively contributes to a change, not only for its own business but also for its clients, promoting diversity and inclusion, respecting individuals and their rights, applying sustainable business practices, manifesting a green approach and safety at work.

The strongest foundation: people

We are an organization with a robust set of values that creates a tremendous global working environment. We provide perfectly matched experts in the areas in which we specialize, as we believe that a perfect fit is essential in today’s rapidly changing environment. Moreover, complex competencies will not matter unless they have strong, soft skills. By having a people-centric approach, we deliver unique, creative teams that build great things.

Powered by innovation and creativity

The world we know is getting more complicated every day. The organizations’ strategies need to evolve rapidly to gain an edge. Our clients’ needs are growing, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve them. The real business support is not the technology itself but the ability to listen and ask the right questions to define and fulfil development needs. We focus on the business and enduring financial results no matter the challenge and difficulty. As we drive operational change, we develop new ways of working and design agile strategies. By putting business context, needs, and values together, we change ambitious goals into reality.

Driven by science
and practice

We founded our work on a rigorous understanding of the clients’ needs, culture, and environment. We analyze how that environment will play a role in producing an essential business change. We study clients’ approach, global and local dynamics and verify the latest ideas with trends by sandboxing the experiments. We build our capabilities by combining knowledge with experience and delivering best practices from global and local market trends. We engage holistically with our clients and solve the most critical issues facing them and the global environment.


We deliver value from day one. Our approach helps organizations excel by developing long-lasting technology capabilities.

Maciej Zajączkowski CEO / FOUNDER Linkedin

The best in MAZAJ

We ensure responsible progress for our clients, partners and ourselves.

Practice what’s

Design Thinking, Lean, Agile, and DevOps help us increase the team’s motivation and work efficiency at various project stages.


The Soft Systems methodology shifts our mindset from a linear to circular approach and shows us the big picture of our clients.

Diversity and

Our ambition is safety, happiness and a productive work environment. That is why we focus on respecting individuals.

and Privacy

Privacy of our employees and clients is our priority. We protect from cyberattacks and care about arranging security by design.


We respect our planet and manifest the pro eco approach in all business activities, from operations to design and technology.

and Safety

Our employees enjoy using ergonomic workstations and tools adapted to anatomical and psychophysical conditions.


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