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Applying to MAZAJ

You are unique. For that reason, every interview at MAZAJ is slightly different. We’re here to help. That is why we present the recruitment process and some tips on preparing and what to expect so that you do not feel surprised.

Step 1



Let us know how unique you are. Our HR specialists will verify your CV and contact you if they find it suitable.

Step 2


It is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. We will invite you for a phone or video interview to find your background, motivations, and personality.

Step 3

center interview

An HR conversation with MAZAJ professionals. We check your cultural and professional fit to our organization.

Step 4


At this stage, we use retrospective and parallel thinking methods to evaluate your technical capabilities. We check your creativity, strength and ambition.

Step 5

Decision and

We carefully analyze all the information we’ve gathered from you and choose whether you are a match with our company. Be sure that no matter the decision, you will always get feedback from us.

How to succeed at the interview

Tune your resume

Align your experience and skills with the job description, be precise and keep it short.

Be yourself

Dress comfortably, feel relaxed and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

Be mindful of time

Punctuality is the virtue of life so let’s respect each other. Arrive on time.

Think positive

Nobody likes a complainer, so don’t let negative experiences take over you.

Consider your story

You had failures and successes but we are interested in what conclusions you draw.

Ask questions

Be prepared with questions for us. We are more than happy to answer to them.

Inside MAZAJ life

Work the way you like

Flexible schedules

Set the start and finish times or work more hours over fewer days

Remote work

Work remotely outside of the traditional office environment

Professional and personal growth

Enjoy coaching, mentoring and a well-planned career path

Ongoing education

Access to courses, certifications, and interns programs

Master apprenticeship

We are looking for exceptional people from different academic backgrounds. Whether studying or completing your undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate studies, a career at MAZAJ is an excellent opportunity to use your talents and knowledge.

Professional skills

Develop your skills during technical workshops.


Connect with a mentor from day one in the program.

Work together

Collaborate with our senior leaders who share your passion.

Individual curriculum

Use the program to expand your practical knowledge.


Our values
defines us

Customer development

  • Improve the customers’ ability for continuous improvement
  • Introduce innovations supported by science and practice
  • Build long, stable, and trusting relationships

Highest standards

  • Provide the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Think big about the holistic impact
  • Manage customer and company resources effectively

Excellent environment

  • Support mutual development through feedback and mentoring
  • Respect different perspectives with interest and regard
  • Pursue a high level of commitment
Decoration Decoration

Explore our culture

Find how we commit to our people, clients and communities

Diversity and Inclusion

We respect individuals and their right to be unique.


We make choices based on what matters and help those in need.


We contribute to saving our planet, caring about what and how we do.

and Safety

We are on friendly terms with modern ergonomics.

and Privacy

We protect the privacy and assets of our employees and customers.

Practice what’s best

Design Thinking, Lean, Agile and DevOps set our standards.

Our people speak

“We make really cool, innovative solutions using the latest technology, but the best thing about working at MAZAJ is the personal development.”

DataScience Enginieer

“ I chose MAZAJ because they are at the centre of the biggest technological trends, and I was inspired by the interesting AI projects they have carried out.”


“ If you are looking for your dream job, MAZAJ gives a lot of flexibility and opportunities to find great people and a place to work that you truly love ”

Marketing specialist

Improve your fAInancial results

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